According to the latest figures to be released from the 2021 Census, 43.6% consider themselves Christians. Ten years ago this figure was 57.6%, a fall of 14%. 

In response to the latest figures, the President of the Union of Welsh Independetns; Revd Beti-Wyn James said: 

‘The significant drop in the percentage of those describing themselves as Christian is not unexpected. The fact that so many chapels and churches have closed over the past decade is visible evidence of that trend, as society becomes more secular.  

 'In view of this, it’s a remarkable fact that one and a quarter million people in Wales still consider themselves to be Christian. It’s clear that countless thousands of people who no longer attend places of worship still maintain a firm loyalty towards the religion of their youth by describing themselves as Christian on the Census form.   

 It is also quite likely that many of those who said they no longer follow any religion are still under the influence of chapel, church and Sunday school. Christianity will have to die out completely in Wales before that influence vanishes. We trust this will never happen.' 

The Union of Welsh Independents represents Nonconformist Christians who meet in 350 chapels throughout Wales. 

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