The Independent tradition

The Independents belong to the tradition of Reformed churches; they are the fruits of the reformation, and as such are open to frequent and constant reformation.

God is acknowledged in the Holy Trinity which is: God, the Father, revealed in Jesus of Nazareth, God the Son, and who is eternally present in his Spirit, God the Holy Spirit.

The Bible testifies to the great actions of God in Israel’s history, in the person of Jesus Christ and in the activity of the Spirit and under the ministry of the Spirit it becomes the Word of Life for Christians throughout the ages.

Independents profess two sacraments: Christening (children and believers), as well as the Lord’s Supper through Communion.


Church procedure

For Independents, the local company that congregates in the name of Jesus is a whole church. It is a community, and its members, through a covenant with each other, declare their willingness to live together and promote the Kingdom in the light of the Bible and in the strength of the Holy Spirit.

As Christ is its head, the church is free to worship and serve according to its understanding of the Word and will of the Lord, without being answerable to any other institution or individual.

The Church Meeting is the governing body when the members come together with the aim of trying, prayerfully, to arrive at the ministry of Christ as it is revealed through the Bible and the Spirit.   

Further Reading

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