Do you have an idea for something that your churches could do to better engage with life within your community? Can you see an opportunity for your church to contribute towards enriching the lives of the people who live in its vicinity? Do you have a vision of a way that your church could grow and make a difference in the wider area?

The idea could well be a simple one, or it just could be a suggestion of an opportunity at this stage, maybe the vision hasn’t been fully realised by you yet, but if you are enthusiastic to reach out into the community in new ways, or have the innovation to forge new paths through testimony and activity, the Union of Welsh Independents’ Innovation and Investment Programme could help you realise your aspirations.

This programme offers an unique and exciting opportunity to those churches that are ready to step out of their comfort zones and to venture upon new and innovative ways of promoting and proclaiming the Gospel. Churches who are willing to go boldly right into the midst of community life in their areas with the aim of meeting people’s needs.

The programme offers substantial funds, up to £10,000 over a period of 5 years, in order to establish and execute your programme. You will be given practical advice to help you understand the situation you face, help to fine-tune your vision and guidance to recognise the resources that will be needed, as well as all possible support in order that you attain your goal.

Venturing with something new is not easy, it will not be without its trials, but this is an ‘Innovation and Investment’ programme and there will inevitably be good things that come out of venturing. We are innovating in order to invest in our future. We are venturing today so that we have stronger foundations for tomorrow. Remembering that this future and tomorrow is not only for the church but also for the benefit and wellbeing of God’s whole creation.   

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