Cytûn's Policy Officer, Revd Gethin Rhys writes to draw our attention to two changes in the situation in Wales. These have already been incorporated into the information on their website 

  1. Following changes made today in England, the QR codes on the Covid-19 app for England and Wales are no longer operational as a means of recording attendance. If you have registered your building on the app, you should have received today an email about this from the UK Government. Unfortunately, the Welsh and English language texts of the email do not correspond. It is the Welsh language text that is correct. The correct information is that the QR codes are no longer operational, however the instruction in the English language email that you must stop collecting attendance details is incorrect. Instead, if your risk assessment includes keeping a record of attendance at any activity, you will need to keep a manual record on paper or on a local electronic device (such as an iPad). You should ensure that the information is stored and destroyed in accordance with Welsh Government guidance. The Test Trace Protect service in Wales continues to be operational.
  2. Welsh Government has announced that it will no longer be a legal requirement to wear face coverings in Wales from Monday February 28 except in shops, health and care settings, and on public transport. Churches who run shops or host a care service should ensure that face coverings continue to be worn in those settings. It will continue to be a legal requirement in Wales to prepare, record and implement a risk assessment for all activities, and if that risk assessment concludes that wearing a face covering is necessary, then you can still require attendees to do so.

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