As we celebrate Jesus’ birthday the horrific slaughter in the land of his birth casts a shadow over our celebrations, said the Revd Jeff Williams, President of the Union of Welsh Independents, in his Christmas message. 

‘There is no military resolution to this crisis,’ he said. ‘Even when the slaughter ends, it will be incredibly difficult to find an agreement that will ensure lasting security for the Israelis and Palestinians. This war may breed hatred for generations to come. 

‘The international community must urgently do all they can politically to try to stop the war. That includes a pledge by the UK government not to sell more arms to Israel. And when the fighting is over, all who’ve committed war crimes should be brought to account. 

‘Meanwhile, humanitarian aid must be provided on a massive scale to alleviate the suffering of innocent civilians in Gaza. For Christians, it’s our duty as followers of the Prince of Peace.’ 

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