A Welsh peace charity (Cymdeithas y Cymod) is calling on the UK Government to support the innocent people of Sudan.

A catastrophic humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Sudan, yet the world's attention remains alarmingly absent. Millions are suffering, and the dire situation demands urgent global intervention.

Sudan is witnessing an alarming resurgence of violence, primarily driven by long-standing resource tensions between non-Arab farming communities, such as the Massalit, and Arab pastoral communities. The paramilitary Rapid Aid Forces (RAF) and their Arab allies have been implicated in committing ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity against the Massalit and other non-Arab communities, according to Human Rights Watch.

The statistics are staggering:

·At least 14,700 people have been killed.

·Nearly 25 million people, over half the country's population, are in dire need of assistance.

·Over 8 million individuals have been displaced from their homes.

The situation is worsening by the day. Children are starving in displacement camps where starvation is rampant, and essential life-saving aid is not reaching those in need. Experts warn that those orchestrating the genocide are poised to escalate their brutal campaign. The international community must act immediately to halt the flow of weapons and impose sanctions on those behind these atrocities.

The conflict's complexity is exacerbated by external influences, with the United Arab Emirates supporting the RAF, while Iran and Egypt back Gen Burhan. Russia appears to be supporting both sides, adding to the turmoil.

In the Darfur region, particularly in El Fasher, the horror is palpable. Men, women, and children have been brutally killed, women and girls subjected to sexual violence, and entire communities decimated.

Rhun Dafydd, Cymdeithas y Cymod Chair said “Genocide is happening in Darfur again - just two decades after it horrified the world. There is no time to waste, the people of Sudan need help. The UK Government needs to put pressure on all participants and work on prolonged peace in the region.”

We are asking people to raise awareness and share information about the crisis. We also want people to contact their local Member of Parliament to press for immediate sanctions and humanitarian aid.

Global intervention is crucial to preventing further loss of life and restoring peace and security to the region.

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