On 3rd April 2022, churches and Christians from across the UK and Ireland will come together in an act of witness to pray and light candles for Ukraine, for an end to the conflict, and for all those affected by the terrible impact of war. Christian Aid are inviting churches in Wales to join in this moment. 

We have all watched the unfolding conflict in Ukraine and seen the heart-breaking stories of people fleeing violence, not knowing when they’ll see their loved ones again. Over two million people have fled Ukraine. Many more have been forced from their homes to seek shelter. Lives have been lost and families torn apart. Homes have been destroyed and many roads are blocked. No one is safe.

Churches in Ukraine, in neighbouring countries and here in Wales alongside many others in the community have responded with generosity and hospitality to support and welcome refugees.

We all share a feeling of horror and powerlessness but every prayer, every action brings hope to the people of Ukraine

  • Christian Aid are sharing a prayer and invites you to use on 3rd April during your worship for that Sunday and if possible, perhaps in a more public event with other churches and your wider community.
  • There will be an event at near the Ukrainian and Russian embassies in London in the afternoon.
  • There will also be one or two events in Wales, with details to follow next week.
  • For further information and to access the prayer in Welsh and English, please visit: Pray for Ukraine - Christian Aid

Together as Christians in these islands and with our sisters and brothers in the churches of Ukraine, we pray for an end to the conflict and for peace in our world.

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