Christian Aid Week 2022

The challenges faced by our world are numerous and complex. From the Ukrainian conflict, the famine in Afghanistan and the climate emergency’s effects worldwide, it would be so easy to turn inwards and become downhearted. During Christian Aid Week (15-21 May), however, we have an opportunity to respond positively to these challenges. By giving, acting and praying, we can make a real difference.

The conflict in Ukraine has rightly been given the focus in recent months. One consequence of the awful events there, is that grain prices have risen, since Ukraine is a country which grows a significant amount of the world’s grain needs.

Of course, richer countries will be able to cope with higher prices, but for those poorer countries it may well be a very different proposition. A country like Zimbabwe, for example, already struggles to grow its own food because of the changing climate and higher prices may well add to their crisis.

Zimbabwe is the focus country of Christian Aid this week. Christian Aid partners have been working there to help people adapt their farming methods. Janet Zirugo (pictured) is a 70 year old grandmother and she has seen her life transformed by these new techniques.

One particular thing which has helped her is a new seed she now uses. These seeds are very resistant to drought and by using them, Janet can ensure a good crop for her family during the dry seasons which are much worse due to climate change. She has turned her dry and dusty patch of land into a garden full of plenty and colour.

This is what Christian Aid Week can achieve. The funds raised are vitally important to our partners’ work in Zimbabwe and around the world.

As ever, there will be many different fundraising events right across Wales during the Christian Aid Week period, including many individuals and groups who will participating in the 300,000 step challenge. This challenge event has really grabbed the imagination of many since its inception two years ago.

One who is stepping up to meet the challenge is the vicar of llandudno, Andrew Sully. He has set himself an ambitious target of walking to all of north Wales’s 22 castles. He will have completed more than 300,000 steps by the end of May, for sure!

If Andrew’s challenge inspires you, why not sign up to do your own? You can ask family and friends to help should you wish, or you could strike out on your own. There will be plenty of other, more traditional, fundraising activities on too. If you’d like more information about how you and your church could help, visit our website at or please contact our office in Cardiff on 029 2084 4646 or email

Our world has complex and interconnected needs, but by standing in unity with our brothers and sisters around the globe, we can make a real difference to the lives of many.

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