Cymdeithas y Cymod is encouraging people to ask questions relating to peace and justice to local candidates during the General Election.

A series of questions have been prepared for electors to ask candidates as they canvass on their doorsteps. With divisions on the rise within our communities, and ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, Ukraine, Sudan, and many other places across the world, it is more important than ever that issues of peace and justice take priority in the policies of the next UK Government.

As a large number of policies that could influence creating a more peaceful Wales and world are not devolved, the UK Government election is an opportunity to put pressure on candidates to make a commitment to peace and reconciliation.

The themes of the questions vary from the need to recognise Palestine as a state to building on the peace process in the Middle East, and the current policy of the Ministry of Defence which continues to recruit children under 18 into the army.

The organization has drawn up five questions aimed at securing concrete answers from the candidates and the political parties:

The Chair of Cymdeithas y Cymod, Rhun Dafydd, said, "With the general election in full swing, it is a golden opportunity to hold politicians accountable as they look for votes. The need to start investing in the process of creating peace is greater than ever, and I hope these questions will challenge the potential candidates to consider the matter more deeply."

Cymdeithas y Cymod's partner, Heddwch ar Waith, also questions candidates in every constituency in Wales by sending them a questionnaire on peace.

For more information, contact Cymdeithas y Cymod directly.


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