In many ways, we are relatively lucky in Pendref. We have a much liked and active pastor, and a small group of loyal members who are happy to share the burden of keeping the cause going. We worry about the future, but not too much. After all, while two or three meet …

With the membership getting older every year, and the average age at a meeting now well over 70. Between five and twelve at the most attend services each Sunday; and these days, the meeting is usually held in the vestry. Despite COVID, the period of the pandemic brought an opportunity to host online meetings as well. We meet once every Sunday, either in person in the chapel or online on TEAMS. All services are streamed for the members who cannot be present. Recently, a small picture and sound device was purchased in order to improve the quality of the broadcast from the vestry.

Our pastor, Reverend Brian Evans, serves in over half of the services annually, and the remaining Sundays are led by members. Several members take two or three services each year, and it is truly a blessing to hear their various messages. We are extremely fortunate that we also have Reverend Bernant Hughes as a fellow member, another one who has served us faithfully for years. And so, we do not have too much difficulty filling Sundays, although there is some talk, and longing for inviting ministers in from outside occasionally.

As in all cases, we are proud of the successes and adventures of the children of the chapel who are now in their twenties and thirties; some are already working after gaining degrees and postgraduate degrees, while others are still studying; most are scattered throughout Wales, and two or three over the border. There is an opportunity for you to enjoy a bit of our recent Christmas service on the Independents’ website. In addition, there are pictures of our Christmas dinner, and of a service held in the vestry in February 2024.

The message of grace, love and truth of the Gospel is as important today as ever. It is lovely to remember the days when the chapel was the centre of the cultural and Christian life of the local community. Unfortunately, this is not the case now. We long for that time with a smile, whilst we are also extremely grateful for what we still have. While two or three meet …

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