Since opening in 1992, thanks to the vision and dedication of John and Norah Morgans, Llanfair Church has endeavored to be faithful to the Gospel by serving the community of Pen-rhys in the Rhondda.

Work and worship are at the heart of Llanfair life. The church belongs to eight denominations – including the Union of Welsh Independents. Through Llanfair we are doing our best to be Good News in the name of Christ in the midst of the disadvantaged community of Pen-rhys.

Post Covid

Since we reopened in 2021 after the lockdown period, we feel that Llanfair is more important than ever with people of all ages coming together in worship three times a week and to take part in different activities. A faithful group of children and young people come to Sunday school and to the service on Sunday afternoons and love to participate by sharing prayer and reading from the Bible. It is wonderful to see them grow in confidence and self-worth, especially as many have already been through difficult experiences.

There is a very close connection between Llanfair and Pen-rhys primary school. For over 25 years one class at a time comes to us on Monday mornings for a service in the chapel, and then to have a drink and biscuits in the cafe (if it’s not raining heavily). Sometimes we use ‘Open the Book’ from the Bible Society with the children enjoying acting out stories from the Bible.


The best word to describe Llanfair is ‘busy’! Trivallis, the authority responsible for the majority of homes in Pen-rhys, has described Llanfair as a ‘community hub’. People come here for a wide number of different reasons e.g. for the housing surgeries, for money advice, for the food and clothing bank, not to mention the café, or the homework club.

The Llanfair Food Bank was established during the lockdown period out of their own money by two of our loyal and active local volunteers, Neil and Paul, in order to support vulnerable people. By now, we are extremely grateful for the support of individuals and churches who contribute donations of food, furniture and clothing. Recently, a number of families who are homeless have moved to Pen-rhys and it has been a privilege for us to be able to help them.


For over a year now on Fridays or Saturdays a group of us enjoy a walk around the area and a chance to talk to each other, which is good for our mental and physical health.

The Day Café (3 days a week) and Night Café (2 nights a week) have proven to be very popular. Food prices are reasonable, with free tea and coffee, and the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. In the evening, 40–70 children, young people and adults come together to enjoy each other’s company and activities such as drama, crafts, games and watching films. On Thursday mornings, there is a baby and parent group followed by Pilates in the Lounge through the ‘Above and Beyond’ arts project. Since October, there has been a coffee morning held in the Lounge on Friday mornings which gives people the opportunity to meet in a warm place and have free tea, coffee and toast.

If you get the chance to visit us, do come, you will receive a warm welcome!

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