Ebeneser Crwbin church started at the Three Compasses tavern before the present chapel was built in 1829.

Like many rural churches, many of the present members are descendants of those who were present during that early formative time of establishment and the surnames and addresses in the annual reports have not changed much either.

By now the membership at Ebeneser Crwbin has dropped to under 50, with not one of these members under 30 years old, but we still have the faithful few who live locally and also our members who live further afield in other parts of Wales – particularly in Cardiff – and England but who still keep their membership with the mother church.

We do not have a minister at present – our last one was the dear Reverend Wilbur Lloyd Roberts. Of course, soon after losing Wilbur, Covid-19 arrived and the chapel doors were closed temporarily. When it came time to reopen, the way we worship had changed and now we meet once a month with around 12 to 15 members present. We are already sharing services with the churches of Pisga Bancffosfelen and Bethel Llangyndeyrn, when the opportunity arises.

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