The Independent church of Pantycrugiau, Plwmp, is situated in the parish of Llangrannog, in the south-west of Ceredigion. It is part of the pastorate of the Reverend Carys Ann, she has been ministering to the church for 30 years with diligence, conviction and wisdom, through difficult times.

There are 35 members in Pantycrugiau church, all are extremely supportive and intent on keeping the church going. There is a lovely atmosphere to each service with the message being appreciated by all and a chance to enjoy each other’s company. After each service refreshments are always served as the service is held in the afternoon. The members are contacted by newsletter.

In 2023 the church celebrates 175 years since the establishment of Pantycrugiau church in the parish of Llangrannog. Llyfr y Dathlu was published in order to note the anniversary. It was decided to record the history of the Independents in the general area as well as the establishment of this church within the area as part of the celebrations. Lynn Morgan, the church secretary and treasurer, authored the book recording the history of all kinds of events within the church that has served as a hub for musical, cultural and social activity.

The book recognises the early ministers and their enthusiastic supporters who became great faith leaders and who were willing to instigate and lead the first religious meetings, the Sunday schools and then to establish the church in 1848. We celebrate the glory of our predecessors and local people who sacrificed much in order to build the chapel. The book also tells of the countless activities that attest to the hard work of previous generations and ministers, and also to our present minister, the Reverend Carys Ann for her exemplary service with us for over 30 years.


The book consists of:

  • 70 colour pictures
  • Over 200 homes in the locality are named.


The author discusses:

  • The local landscape history from the Bronze Age 4,500 years ago
  • The connection with Whitland abbey and Lord Rhys in the 12th century
  • The growth of nonconformism and the early churches
  • The effect of the Griffith Jones, Llanddowror circular schools
  • The contribution of the Neuaddlwyd Academy
  • The importance of Sunday schools
  • Establishing Pantycrugiau church
  • The various activities held at Pantycrugiau church.


Publication date: November, 2022

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