The Independents have been preaching in the village of Nefyn since the 19th century, starting in one of the buildings at y Wern before moving to Griffith Williams’ house in the Fron.

William Davies, the minister at Peniel, Ceidio was a great help to the Nefyn Independents in securing a piece of land for the cause on the outskirts of town. Soar was opened in 1829 and the building adapted by adding two houses next door in 1880. One house remains a part of the Soar site. 

By today, with 40 members and around a dozen to fifteen faithful attendees on a Sunday, the chapel is now too big and it is no longer used in winter. The vestry is used mostly, it is cosy and the purpose-built kitchen is used, as well as the stage and an additional small, comfortable room.

But even though there are problem linked to maintaining old buildings, it is not the buildings but the people who make the church. We are fortunate to have the part-time services of our minister, the Revd Glenys Jones B.Ed., MA after many years of being without a minister having lost the dear, late Hedley Gibbard. 


The minister comes to us once a month and by now we worship together with the Methodist church congregation at Capel Isa, Nefyn (who are without a minister due to retirement) on Sundays when there is a visiting minister. We also try to prepare worship sessions for ourselves as one friendly crowd and we can call upon more than one to accompany p which is very useful! 

Our minister has introduced a monthly meeting called Seren y Mis (Star of the Month) on Tuesday morning – it is a meeting of the two chapels, which is open to all. We have an opening prayer, a moment of reflection and a chance to pray for those who are in crisis, close by and further afield. There is an opportunity to discuss a reading or sentence from the Bible, or a hymn. 

Over the years a dedicated crew have been working in the Sunday school, presenting Thanksgiving services, the Christmas play and service when whole families would take part. Occasionally, the congregation will join the Sunday school for a session under the leadership of one of the members or somebody from the village – these are happy sessions with the adults joining in! It is good to be able to say that the Sunday school has reopened after the lockdown..


During lockdown the members would keep in touch through the phone and many joining in services on Zoom from other chapels. 

The Sunday school is held every Sunday and the service times vary according to the availability of ministers, but all details are advertised on the board outside the chapel. It has been so good to be able to socialise over a cup of tea after services, as many of the faithful live on their own. This is possible thanks to the generosity of the Owen family, Tŷ Capel who look after the chapel and Mr Owen as our only deacon. 

In an unstable world we must give thanks for an anchor for our faith and a place to go in order to share and declare our faith. 

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